Job Summary

It is the responsibility of every teacher at Schechter to help our mission come to life.

Ignite our students’ Jewish souls – We promote curiosity and engagement with learning and Jewish life. Our teachers’ passion creates a learning environment where students are “on fire” and eager to learn.

Educate them to their highest potential – We know where our students are and we focus on individual growth for each student. Teachers facilitate learning experiences where students are actively engaged in creating meaning and making connections. We recognize that students require differentiated instruction and we collaborate to ensure we are meeting students’ needs so they can achieve their highest potential.

Empower them to use their knowledge, skills, and creativity to enrich our world – A Schechter experience is much more than academic achievement. Teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment, develop close relationships with students and provide direct instruction in social-emotional learning. We recognize that we are shaping students as the adults they will one day become, and we take their character development and sense of responsibility for the community and the world seriously.

Duties of this job include, but are not limited to:

Teaches Bible and Talmud
Participates in and is a role model during grade-level tefillot.
Develops lesson plans and instructional materials.
Uses a variety of instructional strategies.
Translates lesson plans into learning experiences.
Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior.
Evaluates students’ academic and social growth.
Communicates with parents to discuss students’ progress.
Identifies student needs.
Creates an effective environment for learning.
Maintains professional competence.
Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities as needed.
Participates in curriculum development programs.
Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities.
Demonstrates a commitment to best practice in all dimensions of effective teaching as defined by the Thoughtful Classroom framework.

Competitive pay based on education and experience
Medical Insurance and other benefits including paid sick time
Opportunities and funding for ongoing professional development
Forward-thinking and innovative in Hebrew Language teaching

Bachelor’s degree in related subject from accredited university
Illinois teaching certificate
Background knowledge of Judaism

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