Small Co-Ed Jewish Special Education High School seeking innovative dynamic personnel who are invested in lifelong learning. We believe that our greatest strength is our ability to support our staff and students in becoming independent educators and learners and contributing members of our community.

Teacher Coach
Candidates must have teaching experience as well as mentoring experience in supporting teachers of students with language based learning disabilities and ADHD. Areas of professional development and guidance will include but not be limited to lesson planning, delivery of material, classroom management, curriculum development and any other supports needed as identified by the coach and/or coach team. They must be able to work collaboratively within the framework of the coaching team.

Master’s degree and certification in discipline being used
Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
NYS licenses/certification required
Minimum two years of experience for teachers and related service providers

Successful Candidates Will Possess:
A passionate, charismatic, student-centered approach to teaching.
Ability and willingness to work with students in various group settings, using multi modality teaching methods.
Good classroom management skills.
Commitment to meaningful collaboration with colleagues.
Excellent communication skills and commitment in keeping parents informed and engaged.
Interest in professional growth and commitment to continuous learning.
Commitment to improving the school as a whole and willingness to share best practices with others.
Ability to be self-reflective and commitment to learning from feedback received from colleagues, administrators, and students.

The position’s start date is August 29, 2022.Please send resume and cover letter indicating position of interest to