Yeshivat Noam
Director of Early Childhood Support Services – Job description

The Director of Early Childhood Support Services will support the social, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of the children

The Director of Early Child Support Services will work directly with the Early Childhood Director, the Early Childhood Reading specialist and teachers, which includes Pre-K (Buds) classes, Kindergarten classes.

Job Description
Provide support and implement suggested interventions to classroom staff members to ensure that all students are successful.
Work with teachers to help students with executive function skills
Meet with children to teach Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning and run Social Skills groups.
Supervise teachers and students in an inclusion classroom, including parent communication and progress update meetings.
Conduct regular visits to classrooms to observe, model, provide feedback and make recommendations about appropriate strategies, classroom modifications and the selection of adaptive materials to address the needs of children with behavior-related or learning-related challenges.
Work closely with teachers and parents to develop comprehensive plans for students with specific goals( academic/behavioral) and evaluate their progress throughout the year.
Provide support and resources to parents when recommendations for evaluations or therapy are made, or retention is suggested.
Coordinate all Bergen County Support services and related functions including paperwork, advocacy, meetings and parent education/support.
Works collaboratively with EC Director during Admissions process, including parent intake/follow-up meetings, school observations and communication with therapists.

Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education
Experience working with Prek and K children.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Organized, detail-oriented, strong work ethics and a high level of professionalism
Ability to interact with staff, faculty, and parents in a pleasant, patient, helpful and courteous manner.
Capacity to work both independently and within a team environment
Maintain the strict confidentiality of information as required
Highly motivated and confident with an outgoing personality

To apply please send your resume to

​Kara Feldman
Yeshivat Noam, Early Childhood Director