The Director of College Guidance at Hillel Yeshiva High School has the overall responsibility for
guiding and advising our students and families through all aspects of the college guidance
process. The Director works with administration and other Guidance Counselors to coordinate
all of the students’ post-secondary options. The Director oversees all the operations of the
College Guidance Office.

Qualified Candidates will possess:
● An in-depth knowledge of US colleges and universities, as well as an awareness of the
evolving college admissions landscape.
● Strong interpersonal relationship skills and an understanding of the cultural expectations
of our families related to college and university admissions.
● A team-oriented approach to all aspects of the college counseling process and a
collaborative spirit of engagement in all professional endeavors.
● Know and advocate strongly for Hillel Yeshiva students, its curriculum, and mission.
● Demonstrated management, organization and written communication skills including
writing effective letters of recommendation for each senior advisee and assisting with the
preparation of various college-related materials and relevant reports for students,
parents, administration and lay leadership.
● Self-confidence, creativity, patience, diplomacy, initiative and a serious work ethic.
● Sensitivity to individual student’s needs and aspirations with appropriate encouragement
and realistic overview.
● Articulate oral communication/public speaking skills, be comfortable with leading and
speaking at various school events and representing Hillel Yeshiva at community and
professional programs.
● Willingness to participate in various aspects of student life and attend school events
● Advanced technology skills for online support of the college counseling program and to
familiarize students and parents about relevant resources. Experience with Naviance
college and career readiness software is desirable.
The Director of College Guidance:
● Meets with parents about their children’s college process.
● Meets with students individually throughout the year.
● Advises on course selection and its consequences in the college selection process.
● Prepares regular mailings to parents.
● Oversees progress through the fall application process of finalizing their list of colleges,
writing essays, scheduling interviews and submitting applications.