The assistant coach, in conjunction with the head coach, and support staff, is responsible for creating an environment that reflects the values and goals of the Heschel Athletics Department. The assistant coach supports the head coach in organizing a basketball program that maximizes the educational and athletic potential of all student-athletes. They will share in the responsibility of cultivating an appreciation of physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Required: High school diploma or equivalent. Associates or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Must be First-Aid-CPR-AED Certified

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in physical education or related area; any level of coaching certification from a recognized sport governing body

Teaching/Training: Assists the Head Basketball coach with instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport. Organizes and directs individual and small group practice activities/exercises as directed by the head Basketball coach. Assesses player’s skills, monitors players during competition and practice and keeps the head Basketball coach informed of the athletic performance and concerns.

Supervision: Assists the head Basketball coach with supervising athletes during practices and competitions. Ensure that health and safety precautions are observed during all activities. Follows established procedures in the event of an athlete’s injury and reports all injuries incurred in practice to the Head Coach. Account for all student-athletes and reports any unexcused absence to the Head Coach. Maintains the equipment room, locker, and gym is in orderly condition and assumes responsibility for its security.

Other Duties: Models sports-like behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards players, officials, and spectators. Distributes equipment, supplies, and uniforms to students as directed by the head coach. Participates in special activities, assemblies, and homecoming. Performs support tasks such as distributing and maintaining eligibility forms, emergency data cards, and other related records. Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities. Attends staff development meetings, clinics, and other professional activities to improve coaching performance. Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Head Basketball Coach, Athletic Director & Principal, or other appropriate administrators.

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