The Tech Support Specialist is a master problem-solver, unwilling to let any requestor leave dissatisfied with the resolution of their request; also unwilling to leave the root cause of the problem unaddressed. The Tech Support Specialist doesn’t give up on problems as they present themselves, and uses all methods of troubleshooting at their disposal, whether by googling for clues or posing questions to the K-12 tech support online community, trying whatever ideas arise until the issue is resolved, noting the attempts and solution in the Tech Team wiki so that others can benefit from their experience.

The Tech Support Specialist occasionally has to implement “quick fixes,” but does not let those fester without also proposing a long-term fix. The Tech Support Specialist approaches each incident and service request as an opportunity for systemic process improvement, and uses any time available between support calls to work on projects with the System Administrator. It is expected that, on a typical day, the Tech Support Specialist will spend 75% of their time supporting end-users and 25% of their time on Systems Administration projects, spearheading network and asset inventory and reconciliation efforts, and using various MDM systems to manage the Tech Team’s equipment fleets including phones, printers and copiers, laptops, desktops, classroom screens and docking stations, iPads, Chromebooks, A/V equipment, security cameras and laminators. The Tech Support Specialist also helps administer our network and key software systems, including Blackbaud and other learning management systems, and various ed tech software used in the classrooms and productivity software used by admissions, the business office, academic leadership, operations, security, facilities and maintenance, college counseling, communications and the office of institutional advancement. The Tech Support Specialist pitches in to help with network configuration, server and storage administration and operations systems as needed, including PA systems, point of sale systems, security cameras and access control.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Formal or informal hands-on experience with technical support in a wide variety of settings and systems
An insatiable curiosity, obsession with improvement and desire to learn something new every day.

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