Job Description:

• The Director of Student Activities is responsible for creating, managing, organizing, leading, supervising, and overseeing the total student activity programs within our N-8 school.

• The Director of Student Activities will plan, promote, and manage a broad spectrum of activities and programs which will cultivate a vibrant and active feeling of ruach and help nurture student social emotional development.

• The Director of Student Activities plays an integral role in the formation of our students, socially emotionally and spiritually and in such a role sets the tone for much of the student experiences outside the classroom.

• The Director of Student Activities is responsible for creating and supporting a high-quality student life experience for all students throughout the entire school year.

• The Director of Student activities creates, implements, and facilitates opportunities for co-curricular learning and student maturational growth and development.

• The Student Activities Director is responsible for assuring a proper balance and perspective with respect to the entire school program to best meet the needs of students and their general well-being.

Job Responsibilities:

• Scheduling of all student programming including assemblies, trips, and activities.

• Planning and coordinating of assemblies, trips, and activities.
• Assign coverage and supervision for all programs and trips.

• Participate in monthly meetings with Principals concerning student activities.

• Responsible for all financial matters; including budget, receipts, and expenditures.

• Supervise the maintenance and inventory of supplies and equipment for programs.

• Assist the Director of Communications in maintaining program and activity announcements.