Dynamic High School Jewish Educator

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Day School Faculty Positions, Teaching Positions

We are looking for that special Jewish educator who is ready to have a deep impact on our school community. Are you the type of Jewish educator that can fully appreciate how having close proximity to a beautiful lake, miles of hiking paths and an island campus that is surrounded by towering snow capped mountains can deepen a student’s spiritual connection to Jewish text and tradition? If so, then this dream job is made for you!

The Mashgiach/Mashgicha Ruchani will oversee religious guidance, student activities, experiential education, tefillah and serve as a full-time Judaic Studies teacher. Through engaging shiurim, engaging programs and transformative experiences, the Mashgiach/Mashgicha Ruchani will be instrumental in deepening a culture of ruach and authentic commitment to Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael.

The Lookstein Center
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