Early Childhood Instructional Leader

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Day School Faculty Positions, Teaching Positions

We are looking for passionate, thoughtful, forward thinking educators to join our growing team.


Serve as a hands on instructional support coaching teaching teams in and out of the classroom environment
Guiding practice within an age-appropriate emergent curriculum incorporating the development of skills for math, science, literacy, and social/emotional functioning
Modeling best practice in instruction as it relates to classroom expectations, time management, use of language and materials in a responsive classroom
Lead teaching teams in the areas of planning, instruction and classroom management including the review of lessons plans and implementation of curricular goals
Collaborate closely with supervisors
Be a consumer of research and generate ideas rooted in best practice in early childhood education
Engage in ongoing professional development
Provide ongoing feedback to teaching teams within the framework of a growth mindset
Implement assigned administrative duties

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of and experience within a progressive early childhood philosophy (constructivist; emergent; Reggio-Emilia) looking to join a school with opportunities for growth
Experienced early childhood teacher with great instincts and is solutions oriented
Communicates effectively both orally and in writing
Eager to share effective skills and practices with colleagues and has a “toolbox” of ideas and strategies
Collaborator by nature, strong leadership skills and enjoys working as part of a team
Knowledge of Jewish customs and practices
Minimum of 3 years as a lead teacher with a progressive background
Master’s degree required
Strong computer skills and ability to learn new skills quickly
Experience in early childhood Judaic studies is required
About us

Magen David Yeshivah is an Orthodox Jewish Yeshivah rooted in Sephardic tradition, Jewish law and dedicated to academic excellence, creativity and intellectual curiosity. Our mission is to develop broadly educated, ethical, self-confident, and compassionate Torah-observant Jews, committed to lifelong learning, community service, and personal growth. As a community, we equip our students with the ability to confidently interact with an ever-changing modern world through the prism of Torah values, and to cultivate within them a deep understanding of and love for the people, land, and State of Israel.

Our program is embedded in an emergent cur

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