Hebrew Language and Literature Teacher

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Day School Faculty Positions, Teaching Positions

Experienced [ full time and part time] Hebrew Language and Literature teachers needed for the Ramaz Upper School [9th -12th grade] for 2022-23
Candidates must be comfortable working in a modern orthodox yeshiva setting.
Candidates should obtain:
Work permit.
1. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, teaching credential from an accredited institution (North America or Israel) is preferred.
2.A full commend of Hebrew at a level of mother tongue.
3.Ability and willingness to work with students in various group settings, using multiple teaching methods.
4.Commitment to meaningful collaboration with colleagues.
5. Excellent communication skills and commitment to keeping parents informed and engaged.
6. Interest in professional growth and commitment to continuous learning
7.Ability to be self-reflective and commitment to learning from feedback received from colleagues, administrators, and students.
Resume can be sent to:

Please send inquiries to:annbc@ramaz.org

The Lookstein Center
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