History and Humanities Teacher

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Day School Faculty Positions, Teaching Positions

The Ramaz Upper School seeks a full-time History and Humanities teacher to teach in our core history sequence as well as contribute elective courses that encompass history, literature, and/or philosophy. The core sequence consists of three years of world history (including American history) with special attention paid to Jewish history. Electives in recent years have included courses on the modern Middle East, political economy, and Plato’s Republic. Our ideal candidate would be a dynamic pedagogue committed to discussion-based learning, who seeks to guide the intellectual growth of young people and is interested in collaboratively designing interdisciplinary courses, including ones with a Judaic Studies component. Candidates with expertise in Asian history, economic history, art history, history of science, history of religion, or the history of philosophy are especially attractive.

Teach five yearlong courses (three preps)
Collaborate on curriculum design, assessments, and teaching methods
Attend meetings and required community events during and after the school day
Organize and chaperone after school outings to cultural venues in the city
Serve as a student advisor

Enjoys working with young adults
Approaches work with positivity, energy, empathy, and a sense of humor
Demonstrates pedagogical skill
Possesses a broad knowledge of history and the humanities and curiosity for learning more
Values collaboration and works well with others
Contributes beyond the classroom
Possesses an advanced degree in history or a related field (PhD preferred)
Has experience teaching high school or college students

Judaic Studies Teacher
Ramaz Upper School is looking for a Judaic Studies to teach Talmud and/or Tanakh and/or Halacha and/or Jewish Philosophy. We are looking for a teacher with a strong knowledge of Torah and pedagogical skills who is passionate about inspiring high school students towards a deeper connection with Torah and Judaism. Full time teachers teach about 20 periods each week and beginner teachers are offered support and mentorships. We are interested in new teachers as well as experienced teachers and can offer growth opportunities for educators who are looking to advance their careers.

Please send inquiries to:annbc@ramaz.org

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