Lower School Judaic Teacher for 2022-2023 School Year

by | May 17, 2022 | Day School Faculty Positions, Teaching Positions

The Lower School Judaic Rabbi and/ or Teacher will promote Jewish education as a lifelong journey that is meaningful, dynamic, and inspiring. The position will design and implement engaging and enriching Jewish learning experiences as directed by the school’s Torah curriculum and mission. The Lower School Judaic Teacher will facilitate student learning using the text of Chumash to teach text-study skills as well as develop a love of learning and a foundation for students’ Jewish identity. The Lower School Judaic Rabbi and/ or teacher will foster a sense of belonging to the Jewish people and cultivate strong ties with Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel) and Am Yisrael (the Jewish people).
Responsibilities and Duties/ Essential Job Functions:

Ability to teach Judaic studies using classical texts and commentaries.
Educate students in various topics at the lower school level, including but not limited to Prayer, Tanach, Mishna, and Jewish History.
Lead a tefilah group each morning.
Contribute to and participate in grade-level, division, and department-wide Judaic programming.
Track and report performance data of students to determine student progress; which educational strategies and methods are working; where and when educational modifications must be made.
Lead special events held by the school and engage with students and/or parents with a passion for our Jewish Day School mission
Participate in the ongoing Judaic curriculum development and attend all teacher meetings.
Maintain student and family confidentially both on and off campus.
Perform other duties as may be deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the department.
It is essential for the Employee to arrive on time to work every scheduled workday. It is essential for the Employee to maintain good attendance and give ample notice, when possible, of coming absence.
It is essential for the Employee to speak to co-workers with respect and to follow all of the requirements and expectations in the Employee Handbook.


The Lower School Judaic Rabbi and/ or Teacher must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Judaic studies and/or Rabbinic ordination or seminary degree in education. The applicant must have or be working toward a valid CAJE license or temporary certificate in the field of Judaic studies. The applicant should have 2 years teaching experience and be proficient in the use of instructional technology and online textbooks. Salary based on experience.

Contact email: mlevy@posnackschool.org

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