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by | Jan 5, 2022 | Teaching Positions

The Idea School is a co-ed, modern Orthodox high school located at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ. The Idea School opened in 2017 with our first class of 13 freshmen and is now in our fourth year of operation, with a student body of 77 students across all four grades. For the academic year of 2022-23, we are eagerly anticipating growing our talented faculty.

We are currently seeking a PT Hebrew Teacher.
B.A. in Hebrew Language or Hebrew Language Learning and/or at least five years’ experience teaching Hebrew Language
Experience implementing project-based learning strongly preferred

Job Responsibilities:
Teach Hebrew Language courses in multiple grades
Integrate teaching of language learning skills with PBL units
Develop a learning environment that inspires student growth and development
Create and manage a PBL classroom using norms and protocols that address managing projects, collaborating with peers, listening with empathy, and more
Assess students using a variety of real-time, summative, and formative alternative assessments
Differentiate learning and assessments based on students’ needs
Find ways to incorporate student passions into PBL units
Participate in faculty and school meetings
Participate in school activities
Communicate effectively with parents and students
Participate in school-wide professional development and see it as an ongoing dynamic process
Be willing to learn new skills and artistic media and widen content knowledge to enhance PBL units
Oversee a student club relevant to Hebrew Language
Utilize the school’s learning management system to successfully support classroom learning

All of the educators we hire must:
Have a passion for nurturing growth and excitement for learning in each child
Be creative, innovative, and curious
Have a constructivist approach to education
Understand a project- and problem-based learning (PBL) model
Be willing to collaborate with partner teachers and across disciplines in the creation of meaningful, engaging, and real-world learning experiences for students
Have a start-up mentality and a willingness to iterate and fail forward
Be problem solvers
Be thoughtful and self-reflective

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