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Events and Opportunities for Educators

Science Instructional Leader & Middle School Science Teacher

Science Instructional Leader K-8 and Middle School Science Teacher Fall 2022-23 We are seeking a passionate and collaborative teacher to lead our expanding STEM program and to teach Middle School STEM for Fall 2022-23. Essential duties include: (1) oversee the STEM curriculum for K-8; (2) support science teachers in their planning, (3) teach...

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How Jewish Communities Educate

Learning About Learning: A Conversation with Professor Mijal Bitton May 4, 1-1:30 pm ET via Zoom Free. Registration required. Register at Most analyses of Jewish education, like most analyses of general education in Western, liberal society, emphasize the individual student. But some communities approach education very...

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Learning Specialist for Junior High Students

We are Fuchs Mizrachi School in Beachwood, Ohio. We educate and inspire students from age two through twelfth grade. We are motivated by a real passion for learning and leadership. We are a Jewish community-based school that believes that teacher-student relationships are the foundation of a great education. We are seeking a full-time Learning...

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Work At It!

The number of children dropping out from our yeshiva system seems to be a growing phenomena. Some children are not accepted to any yeshiva, some have been counseled out of yeshiva, and others have chosen to leave. The result is a growing population of young people who are left alone without guidance and structure to their lives. Work At It was...

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Mandel Center Spotlight Session: Daf Yomi

Feb. 1, 1-2:15 p.m., Via Zoom Register at In this session, four highly experienced educators will help us think about what Daf Yomi means, now, as a Jewish cultural or spiritual practice. What does it mean as a unifying practice (everyone who participates is "on the daf") that...

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