Classroom Resources

High Holidays Resources

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

Below find an annotated collection of Jewish educational resources about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. If you think something is missing, let us know.... Read more

Focus on… Weekly Torah Portion

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

This resource provides questions to help teachers kick-start discussions about Parashat Hashavua in their classrooms. The questions are appropriate for use in schools, camps,... Read more

Researching the Development of Torah She Be’al Peh (Project) 1

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

This is a self-directed project in which students create a timeline of the development of Torah Sheh Ba’al Peh. Read more

Breaking News from “The Egypt Times”

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

Read more

The Yerusha, Part 1

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

Two-lesson unit on Bereshit 15: 1-8. Students learn about God’s promise to grant Avram a child. Intensive text-study. Includes worksheets. Read more

Practical classroom activities and programs re the situation in Israel

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Below are practical suggestions for activities and programs that schools implemented around the year 2001 in reaction to the situation in Israel. Please note... Read more