Classroom Resources

Aliyah – A Web-Enhanced Lesson

Israeli stamp with flag

In this web-enhanced lesson, students consider where they would like to settle in Israel.   Click here. Read more

Tu B’shvat Seder for Young Children

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

Short Tu B’shvat seder for young children aged 3-5. Can be adapted for older children. Read more

Imagine Me at the First Pesach

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

Read more

Hammer in the Jewish Holidays

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

Students review the Jewish holidays through an interactive, fun and exciting activity. Focusing on speed, accuracy, and comprehension, the student must locate the holiday... Read more

Coping with a National Disaster

Israeli stamp commemorating Memorial Day

This lesson plan offers the teacher some tools for coping with the day after a disaster. Read more

Mihu Rashi

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

A webquest to help familiarize students with Rashi, his works and his personality. Click here. Read more

Light Up Africa Lesson Plan

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

This Chanukah/Hanukkah lesson describes how Israeli solar technologies help African communities. Can be adapted for various age groups. Click here. Read more