Classroom Resources

A (Purim) Feast for the Mind

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

In this Webquest students research Megillat Esther and Ancient Persia in order to plan and hold a dinner party for the heroes and villains... Read more

Active Learning in the Teaching of History

Jewish history stamp of City of David

Professor Nechama Leibowitz outlines her active learning methodology and presents five Jewish history lessons for middle and high school. Note: these lessons do not... Read more


Jewish history stamp of City of David

Students research their family history, beginning with the question: “I am Here Now, How Did I Arrive in This Particular Place?” Students interview family... Read more

A Woman’s Place: A WebQuest About Jewish Women in Jewish History

Jewish history stamp of City of David

In the WebQuest, students write biographical pieces on one of thirteen Jewish women, known for their active roles in the history of the Jewish... Read more

A Capital Choice

Jewish history stamp of City of David

In this WebQuest, students help King David pick a new capital city. Students research the history and archaeology of cities in monarchic Israel/Judah.  ... Read more

Chaf-Tet beNovember – The Significance of November 29

Israeli stamp with flag

In this web-enhanced lesson, students explore the significance of November 29th in modern Jewish History. Students examine online resources to examine the events that... Read more

Birkat Hamazon 8

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

In this lesson students will analyze Birkat Hamazon as a prayer and then as a blessing. Read more