Classroom Resources

Lihitraot Lot! Avraham and Lot Separate, Part 1

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Lesson plan on Bereshit 13:5-11. After studying the text, students act out the separation of Avram and Lot as described in the text. Students... Read more

4MAT Lesson Plan on Vayeshev

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In this 4MAT lesson plan, students learn the story of Vayeshev 37: 5-7 and analyze it’s meaning. Read more

Creation and Shabbat, Part 1

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Students learn about the importance of Shabbat in Judaism by analyzing the literary structure of Bereshit 1-2:3. Even though the creation narrative is split... Read more

Practical classroom activities and programs re the situation in Israel

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Below are practical suggestions for activities and programs that schools implemented around the year 2001 in reaction to the situation in Israel. Please note... Read more