Teaching Yehoshua, Part 1

  • Grades: 3-6
  • Lesson Plan

Short activity used when teaching Yehoshua chapter 2 to elementary school children.


These are some ideas used to teach Sefer Yehoshua (the Book of Joshua) to fourth graders. They were written by Dahna Gordon Baskin, who based many of them on an adult education course taught by R. Michael Hatton. The course is available online here.

This is an activity to use for perek bet (chapter 2) which discusses the spies and the pact they make with Rachav.


spies מְרַגְּלִים


Write on the board: Imagine you are a spy on a secret mission for the jewish nation. You are asked to find out as much information as you can about how the people of the city were feeling about the Jewish nation coming to conquer the land. Where, would YOU go as a spy? A. Sports stadium B. hotel restaurant C. military garrison D. market Go around the class and ask the kids where each of them would spy. Why?