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    Below is a collection of Chanukah/Hanukkah lesson plans, powerpoints, and articles created by Lookstein Center staff or contributed to site by Jewish educators. To contribute resources, please click here.

    Chanukah Instructional Materials

    40+ Chanukah Classroom Activities for elementary, middle and high school – fun ideas for the classroom

    Chanukah Mystery Webquest for grades 3-5 by The Lookstein Center

    A Look at Miracles, a lesson plan for grades 7-8 by Daniel Rose

    Chanukah Scavenger Hunt Lesson for grades 3-6 by Debbie Shohat

    Chanukah Scavenger Hunt Lesson for grades 7-8 by Debbie Shohat

    Chanukah Source Source Material and Teacher’s Guide by David Sedley (TorahLab)

    Chanukah – What a Strange, Long Trip Its Been, a Web Journey about assimilation and identity for seventh graders by Susan Hirschman and James Freedman

    Chanukah Word Search with Hebrew vocabulary by The Lookstein Center

    Chanukah Word Search with English vocabulary by The Lookstein Center

    Chanukah SMART Board lessons by Legacy Heritage Foundation

    Light up Africa lesson plan by Jewish Heart of Africa – learn about Hannukah and Israel’s role helping African communities


    The 5 Ws of Chanukah, an introductory powerpoint* for elementary school by The Lookstein Center. Includes audio and video. Download it here.

    Chanukah and the December Dillema, a powerpoint* for high school by Helene Audrey Bergman

    The Wars of the Maccabim, a powerpoint* for middle and high school by Aryeh Rotenberg

    Chanukah: The Festival of Light, a powerpoint* for elementary school by Suzy Stone of ICTeachers and adapted by the Lookstein Center

    Chanukah videos, nine short videos about Chanukah presented by TorahLive

    Chanukah Piyutim, Chanukah songs with audio and lyrics by (Hebrew)

    *Powerpoints are best viewed with Internet Explorer

    Chanukah Articles

    Classical Texts about Chanukah compiled by Amy Schneinerman

    The Menorah: A Jewish Symbol, a guide for the classroom by Hadassah Levy

    The Obligation of Women in Lighting Chanukah Candles (in Hebrew) by Aharon Lichtenstein

    The Miracle of the Lights by Yair Kahn

    Pe’ninei Torah by Chaim Jachter

    Classroom Chanukah Plays

    Chanukah Play by Amihai Bannett – a humorous play in which ES/MS students relay the miracle of Chanukah as a breaking news broadcast from the Torah News Network.

    “The Chanukah Play” by Mike Freedman of ICTeachers– a three page play that tells the story of the Chanukah miracle.

    Chanukah: The Miracle of Eight Candles” by the Bet Class at the Arden Heights Boulevard Jewish Center’s School – a short skit about the meaning of Chanuakah.

    Hannah and Her Seven Sons by Shoshi K. Bilavsky – two skits depicting the story of Chana and her seven sons based on Talmud Gitin 57. The text has contains some typos.

    Hanukkah, Shmanukkah! – A Reader’s Theater Script Adapted by the Story by Esme Raji Codell – a humorous, modern script that weaves together the story of Chanukah and the American dream.

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