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    The education department of the National Library of Israel has chosen primary sources from the NLI collection and developed a variety of teaching resources pertaining to the High Holiday season. The activities promote 21st century skills including critical thinking, information literacy and creativity. Many of the lesson plans and worksheets incorporate primary sources with classical Jewish texts.


    Lesson Plans, Activities, and Worksheets

    Exploring Shana Tova Cards

    A Shana Tova Card at Hanukkah?

    Sending Shana Tova Greetings

    A Tasty New Year – Symbolic Rosh Hashanah Foods

    Rosh Hashanah’s Theme Music

    Yom Kippur at Metz: A Critical Analysis of Historical Resources

    The Kapparot Ceremony: A Puzzle for Yom Kippur

    Tashlich – Casting Away One’s Sins

    Resource Packs – A Collection of Resources, Lesson Plans, Videos, and more

    Rosh Hashanah

    Shana Tova

    Yom Kippur

    Yom Kippur War


    Chodesh Elul

    Dayenu – Rosh Hashanah Concert, 1971

    Blowing Shofar in Elul, 1971

    Rosh Hashanah


    Shana Tova, Caricature, Israel, 1991

    Three Questions about Rosh Hashanah, 1947

    Three-Day-a-Year Jews, 1958

             Shana Tova Cards (only a sample of what is available on the website)

    Old Year Be Gone

    Shana Tova, Germany, 1904

    Article, “Allied Nations’ New Year Greetings to Jewry”, The Palestine Post, September 11, 1942

    Children Congratulate Parents

    Presidential Rosh Hashanah Greetings, 1955

    Immigration to America, Early 1900s

             Symbolic Foods

    Giving Apples to Soldiers for Rosh Hashanah, 1984

    Tots Bring Consul Apples and Honey, 1975

    Rosh Hashanah Care Parcel Advert, The Sentinel, 1958

    Land of Ice Cream and Chocolate, Hofni the Dreamer, 1925

    Carmel Market Before Rosh Hashanah, 1969

             Prayer and Synagogue

    Great Synagogue Admission Ticket for High Holy Days, 1934

    Avinu Malkeinu, 1700s

    Recording of Ashkenazi Tune of Rosh Hashanah Prayer

    Recording of Yemenite Tune of Rosh Hashanah Prayer


    Tashlich Ceremony, Germany, Early 1900s

    Tashlich on the Beach in Tel Aviv, 1971

    Tashlich at the Pond, 1982

    Tashlich in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, 1962


    Dial a Shofar, 1990

    Shofar Blowing in the IDF, 1968

    Shofar, London, Eighteenth Century

    Large Shofar, 1994


    Yom Kippur

    Charity on the Eve of Yom Kippur, Early Twentieth Century

    Yom Kippur Charities

    Yom Kippur Eve Before Kol Nidrei

    Before and After the Fast: A Good Soup with Finest Osem Noodles

    Flights Cancelled for Yom Kippur, 1964

    Cartoon about the Israeli Sailing Team Competing on Yom Kippur, 1988

    Judgment Day, Caricature, 1973

    Yom Kippur on the Battlefield, 1871

    Yom Kippur at the Siege of Metz, 1870

    The Evening After Yom Kippur, Early 1900s


    Sukkot/Simchat Torah

    Lesson Plans, Activities, and Worksheets

    Inside and Outside the Sukkah – A JITap activity for primary grades

    Sukkot, Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, 1867

    Water – Can’t Live Without It

    The Adventures of Hofni the Dreamer

    Resource Packs – A Collection of Resources, Lesson Plans, Videos, and more



    Teachers Talk About NLI Primary Sources – Dina Ben Torah, Sukkot

    Teachers Talk About NLI Primary Sources: Gal Man-Dror, Simchat Torah

    Primary Sources

    Sukkot, Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, 1867

    Checking the Lulav, 1980

    Checking the Myrtle (Hadass) Branch, 1955

    Selecting Hadas (Myrtle Branches) in Mea She’arim, 1993

    Passing the Tradition to the Next Generation, 1991

    Gathering Schach (Roof Covering for the Sukkah), Jerusalem, 20th century

    Etrog Announcement, 1933

    Picking Etrogs, 1978

    The Perfect Etrog, 1978

    Packing Etrogs, 1978

    Praying on Sukkot, 1974

    Sukkot in the Mea She’arim Neighbourhood of Jerusalem

    Cartoon, “Sukkot Night Dream – Reality to follow shortly”

    Illustrated Ushpezin (guests) Plaque, Gross Family Collection, 1930

    Water of Life to Jerusalem and the Negev, Davar, 1949

    Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

    A Simchat Torah flag from Warsaw, 1902

    Simchat Torah Flag, 1967

    Simchat Torah Procession, Krakow 1888


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