Personalizing Mishna

  • Grades: 5
  • Lesson Plan

This webquest tries to bring an element of reality to the Mishna, to make it more personal and relevant to beginners.


The Rabbis in the Mishna often seem like fictional characters with super- human powers: people we cannot relate to. Furthermore, the Mishna presents cases or situations which often do not exist today.

In other words, the Mishna seems

You are going to bring the Mishna to a new reality.


Lesson objectives

1. To bring an element of reality to the Rabbis who are quoted in the Mishna.

2. To bring an element of reality to the concepts discussed in the Mishna.


Rationale: If you can relate to the topics on a personal level, then the Mishna will become more meaningful. Far too often, we view these Rabbis as non-human entities; people to whom we cannot relate.  Furthermore the concepts and cases presented may seem outdated, or no longer applicable in our times.


Goals and Objectives
1. To view the Rabbis of the Mishna as human beings just like us.

2. To relate to the concepts mentioned in the Mishna on a personal level.

3. To see a connection or direct relationship between the Torah (Written Law) and the Mishna (Oral Law).

Resources & Equipment needed


1. Worksheets

2. Pencils and erasers.


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