Classroom Category Resources: Bible

Parshat Va’era: The Hardening of Pharoh’s Heart

Students read and analyze four different interpretations of the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. Read more

Achan takes the spoils of Jericho, Part 3

Students study Sefer Yehoshua 7:6-9 in greater detail. Read more

Achan takes the spoils of Jericho, Part 2

Students study Sefer Yehoshua 7:1-5 in greater detail Read more

A Capital Choice

In this WebQuest, students help King David pick a new capital city. Students research the history and archaeology of cities in monarchic Israel/Judah.  ... Read more

Achan takes the spoils of Jericho, Part 1

Students are introduced to Sefer Yehoshua, Chapter 7 by reading the text and dividing it into sections. Read more

Mivneh Machneh Yisrael: Multiple Intelligences Unit on Bamidbar 1-2

Students study Bamidbar 1-2 in-depth before completing a creative MI project of their own choosing. Projects are then presented to the class. Read more

Kivunim: Maps and Directions in Tanakh

Students learn about maps and directions and apply that knowledge to a Biblical text. Read more

Breaking News from “The Egypt Times”

Students write newspaper articles describing key events that took place in the exodus of Egypt, using newspaper headlines given. Read more

Using Multiple Intelligences to Teach Megillat Esther

In this lesson, students analyze sections of chapter 2 of Megillat Esther in groups and then write a related skit, drama pantomime or illustrate... Read more

Interviews with Characters from the Purim Story

Students research a specific character in Megillat Esther, and then assume the role of interviewer and responder as they compose a question-and-answer interview with... Read more
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