Professional Development Resources: Jewish Law/Halakha

Toward Spiritual Education

Addressing the Problem of “Disconnection”: Creating a Learning Environment of Personal Relevance and Passion based on the Wisdom of the Kabbalah I) The Problem:... Read more

Omek Mikra: A Method for Teaching Humash

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, vol. 5, 1, 1990, pp. 24-26. Appears here with permission. Our students study Humash but do they... Read more

Business Unit

1. Financial Deception 2. Cheating With Words 3. Advertising and Misleading a) Bait and Switch b) Weasel-Word Stratagem 4. Laws on Interest 5. Competition... Read more

Women’s Megilla Reading

This article appears in Traditions and Celebrations for the Bat Mitzvah edited by Ora Wiskind Elper.[1] Published by Urim Publications and MaTaN: The Sadie... Read more

Torah Study for Women

Reprinted from Ten Da’at Vol. III No. 3 pp.7-8   Taking into account the place of Torah study in the Jewish weltanschauung, the outstanding issue representing a... Read more

Codes of Jewish Law and Their Commentaries: Historical Notes

This work provides an overview of the most important efforts on codification of Jewish Law as well as the commentaries that as a result... Read more

Halakhah as a Ground for Creating a Shared Spiritual Language

This article originally appeared in Tradition 16:1, 1976.   Zionism in the twentieth century has created a framework for Jewish political activism. It expresses... Read more