Professional Development Resources Tag: Assessment

The Connection Between Religiousity, Affiliation and the Positions Taken by School Principals Regarding Religious, Ethical Dilemmas

This article explores issues of the connection between religious level and affiliation in regards to ethical dilemmas. This resource is in Hebrew. To read the... Read more

Models of Assessment for Judaic Studies

In this session, Eli Kohn examines the theory and practice of diagnostic tests in Judaic Studies. The session focuses primarily on Tanakh, but the... Read more

Assessment Competencies of Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers by Richard Solomon

Click here. Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Accepting Your Successes

Accepting Your Successes – 055 – In this episode Mark Smilowitz considers the tendency for us as teachers to let others assess our success as... Read more

A Mock Beit Din: An interactive Assessment for Sugyot in Nezikin

I. Introduction Every educator is confronted with the question of how to effectively test students’ comprehension of material taught. While finding a way for students to... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Handing Papers Back On Time

Handing Papers Back On Time – 050 – How quickly do you get your students’ papers graded and returned? Do you tend to have papers... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Administering Tests

Administering Tests – 022 – When you give a test, your students can throw you some surprises. This podcast is a response to a teacher’s... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Two Types of Assessment

Two Types of Assessment – 021 – Before we can teach our students, we have to know who they are, what they are thinking and... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Evaluating Your Teaching

Evaluating Your Teaching – 018 – How do you assess your effectiveness as a teacher? There are some obvious, tell-tale signs around you, but there... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Report Cards

Report Cards – 014 – Report cards can either be a nuisance or a motivating force and educational tool. Here are some reflections on how... Read more
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