Professional Development Resources Tag: Day Schools

The Impact of Teachers’ Perceived Behavioral Integrity of their Supervisor on Teacher Job Satisfaction in Modern Orthodox Jewish Day Schools

This study focuses on teacher job satisfaction in Modern Orthodox Jewish day schools and how it is impacted by a teacher’s perception of their... Read more

Teaching Jewish Texts: Authority and Relevance

Abstract: Most Judaic learning, especially past the primary grades, is text based.  As people who study texts, we have preconceptions about those texts, which... Read more

Teaching Integrated Jewish Humanities in High School: American Literature, Philosophy and Jewish Thought

This article discusses the merits of a new education model that synthesises between Jewish and general studies. To read the article, click here. Read more

Jewish Education for Jewish Commitment

  Introduction: Professor Isadore Twersky, z”l, presented the “meta-goal” of Jewish education at a meeting of the Commission on Jewish Education in North America... Read more

Assessment Competencies of Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers

This checklist assesses how much a teaching student (madrich or madricha) implements the learned competency with ease and fluidity, and makes smooth adjustments to... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Teaching Toward Appreciation

Teaching Toward Appreciation – 057 – Beyond learning content knowledge and skills, many teachers would like to see their students develop a real and lasting... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Accepting Your Successes

Accepting Your Successes – 055 – In this episode Mark Smilowitz considers the tendency for us as teachers to let others assess our success as... Read more