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The Resurrection Motif in the Midrash on the Akedat Yitzchak

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Face to Face: An Exercise in Theme Words

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, Elul 5753, pp. 30-32. Appears here with permission.   In Gen. 32:20, Yaakov’s emissaries to Esav recite the... Read more

Sefer Bikkurei Shabbos

This article is a collection of responses to student questions on Tractate Shabbat, in Hebrew. To read the article, click here. Read more

The Approach of Classic Jewish Exegetes to Peshat and Derash and Its Implications for the Teaching of Bible Today

Translated by Moshe J. Bernstein This article originally appeared in Tradition, vol. 21, 3, 1984. Appears here with permission. One of the difficult dilemmas... Read more

Methodology and Method in the Teaching of Tannaitic Literature

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Introducing Rabbi Breuer

From Modern Scholarship in the Study of Torah: Contributions and Limitations, ed. Shalom Carmy, Orthodox Forum Series, New York, 1991. The Orthodox Forum Series... Read more

Imitate the Ramban, not the Professors

An interview with Shalom Carmy This interview with Rabbi Shalom Carmy appeared in Hamevaser Vol. 38 No. 1, and is reprinted with permission.   Asher Friedman: Our... Read more