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Faith and Doubt Reconsidered

This article originally appeared in Tradition 26:3 (1992).   I In his article, “Faith and Doubt,” originally published in Tradition more than twenty years... Read more

The Sabbath in the Space Age

THE SABBATH IN THE SPACE AGE Azriel Rosenfeld This article originally appeared in Tradition Summer 1964   Introduction The Jewish religious law (Halakhah) relating... Read more

The Sphinx as a Leader: A Reading of Judges 13-16

THE SPHINX AS A LEADER: A READING OF JUDGES 13-16 By: Shalom Carmy This article originally appeared in Tradition. I The scene is familiar:... Read more

Faith and Doubt

This article originally appeared in Tradition 9 (1967), pp. 14-51.   The problem to which this paper is addressed is of momentous importance. How... Read more

Jewish Education in a World Adrift

This article originally appeared in Tradition 11, 3 (1970), pp. 5-12. Quite a few years ago I read a slim little volume, entitled Education in a... Read more

Scientific Method and Biblical Study

From Tradition, Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 1970   What little the general reader knows of Biblical criticism, he knows it as an opposition to... Read more

America's Jews and Israel

  From Tradition, Vol. 18 No. I, Summer 1979   “…uphold… ideas long enough, frequently enough, and with inspiration, and some young people are... Read more