It was the Quran that first referred to Jews as the “People of the Book,” and, in fact, it is an appropriate description. Truly, the Jewish People has found its inspiration in the words of the written Bible, as well as in its commentaries. Even our oral tradition became committed to writing in the course of the ages, and now the Talmud and its commentaries are part-and-parcel of the libraries, study halls and homes of traditional Jews around the world.

With the plethora of published materials that are produced every year, it is difficult to keep abreast of books that are relevant to the community of Jewish educators. Recognizing the need for current educational materials, Bookjed aims to offer reviews and announcements of books and other educational materials that are of potential interest and importance to teachers and administrators in Jewish schools.

Readers are welcome to respond to the reviews, to recommend books/materials for review and to submit short reviews that they think should be shared with their peers and colleagues. Bookjed is read regularly by more than 3000 Jewish educators.