Welcome to The Lookstein Center’s largest moderated online community for Jewish educators worldwide. Initiated in 1998 with 25 people, Lookjed now includes over 3000 subscribers. Lookjed is a forum for educational professionals and lay people of all levels—academics, principals, teachers, etc.—to introduce, reflect upon, and debate compelling topics of interest in the world of Jewish education.

With topics flowing and evolving, Lookjed has fostered discussion on a wide range of topics of interest to Jewish educators, including issues of content and administration. Teachers have asked how to teach about disabilities from a Jewish perspective and whether using modern-day examples from contemporary law courts might be helpful in teaching Talmud. Principals have discussed how to improve home-school communications and whether there are standardized tests available in Jewish studies. However, even the smallest or most specific inquiry (e.g. a second grade teacher asking for advice about how to effectively teach one particular chapter in the Bible) receives serious attention at this forum, which draws from the experience of colleagues. All digests are archived for ongoing access. So effective and powerful is this tool, that lasting professional and personal relationships have been formed because of it. The prevalent feeling in the field is that if users want to be heard or seen in Jewish education worldwide, they know that communicating via Lookjed is the address.

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Some recent discussions:

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