As new Jewish educational intiatives continue to emerge, so new challenges present themselves. The question of dialogue, of conversation, of listening to the other and ourselves takes on an ever greater significance in a world which has been made ever smaller and instantly accessible. For Jewish educators, mutual interdependence and reciprocity are more than bywords. They are the key to entry into Mifgashim, encounters in a world where there are multiple voices and variations on a theme of what it means to be Jewish.

Mifgashim is a vehicle for these conversations, from sharing dilemmas in the field to raising philosophical questions which will enhance one’s practice. It is an opportunity to discuss all sorts of issues which will nurture and give sustenance to those in the field and those engaged in the theory of practice. Mifgashim seeks to create a Jewish educational community, a community of learners which is respectful of the multiplicity of voices out there and at the same time, is prepared to engage these differences and be open to personal growth and development.

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