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by | Sep 24, 2019 | Discussions | 4 comments

It is the beginning of the year but we are already thinking about next year. We are considering using a positive psychology curriculum and if it works, would like to integrate it with the study of Jewish values or holidays. Have other schools done this successfully? What is the feedback from students and parents? Have the faculty/administration been able to see a difference in the students?


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Eliezer Sneiderman
Eliezer Sneiderman
10 months ago

Last year I created a trimester course using mindfulness, positive psychology, and a modern take on mussar. It was a term length class for sophomores. It was very well received. – R. Eliezer Sneiderman

Aaron Levitt
Aaron Levitt
Reply to  Eliezer Sneiderman
10 months ago

I would love to see what you produced! I am studying Positive Psychology in Education in my Doctoral program at Azrieli.

Nechama Carmel
Nechama Carmel
Reply to  Eliezer Sneiderman
5 months ago

I would love to learn more about your course. Jewish Action, the magazine of the OU, is working on an article on how Jewish schools are helping students cope with anxiety and depression. We are planning on focusing on mindfulness and other strategies. Can you send me some of the materials you used?

Tal Segel
9 months ago

Hi Bri. I worked for a while with a couple of positive psychology practitioners on a CMS for schools based on positive psychology, that integrated positive psychology activities into the core online communications platform of the school. The idea was that curriculum are great, but this particular area involves long term habit creation for any meaningful outcomes. This in turn requires daily recurring activities that can be made possible through an online platform. I paused the project to focus on projects with more immediate needs, but if you’re interested, I’d be happy to discuss. I also completed a literature review… Read more »

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