Re: Jewish and Secular History
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Re: Jewish and Secular History

June 20, 2018 07:14PM
Meir Zirkind asked: Has anyone done or seen a curriculum that blends secular history together with Jewish characters/history of that same period?

1 - I have described the Phoenician anthropomorphic maps of West Asia and North Africa. These maps existed at least as early as the reign of King Hiram of Lebanon. They were generated by configuring the gigantic virtual body of a god or goddess over the area to be mapped. The name of each part of that body became the name of the area under that part. This produced a mental image and verbal map whose toponyms automatically indicated the approximate location, direction and size of each area in relation to all other areas on the same map whose names were derived in this manner.

For a detailed description of these maps, download this Word file: []
and this PowerPoint presentation []

The bodies on these maps are literally connected at Sinai, so these maps are too risqué for young students but may be suitable for mature students and adults. On similar American Indian maps, the male and female bodies are always a discrete / discreet distance apart.

2 - Prof. Shlomo Giora Shoham wrote Moses:The Righteous Sky Gazer. This book is written as if it were an autobiography written by Moses himself. In this book, Moses interacts with both biblical and historical Egyptian characters. I edited this book and compiled the Glossary. I think Prof. Shoham was motivated to write this book because his teacher and mentor Martin Buber wrote Moses: The Revelation and the Covenant (14-day loan) and Sigmund Freud wrote Moses and Monotheism (download).

You can see a YouTube interview of Prof. Shoham discussing this book at []
You can download the PowerPoint slide show that I produced for Shoham's book at []
and you can download "my" Glossary for it at []

3 - Dr. Kalman Kaplan wrote a play entitled Oedipus in Jerusalem. It begins where Oedipus Rex by Sophocles ends. In Kaplan's play, the characters of Sophocles interact with members of the Sanhedrin. You can read a review of this play at []
You can see the Press Kit for it at []
and my slide show about it at []

You may use these materials in any way you think appropriate and may forward them to anyone you think would want to receive them. Do let me know if any of the links don't work.

Best regards,

Israel A Cohen
Petah Tikva

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