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Re: On teaching Hebrew

January 13, 2019 10:23AM
Shalom --

The quote you selected from the Times story about Prof. Alter's Tanach translation illustrates a point I would emphasize in the discussion of the teaching of Hebrew as a language.

The quote you excerpted reported that the impetus for the start of Prof Alter's interest and ability in Hebrew came in Hebrew speaking summer camp, This is a point of emphasis for the most successful (perhaps the only successful) educational institution in this country for Hebrew speaking has been the Hebrew speaking summer camp. Starting with Massad's three camps, and then Ramah camps (which had varying levels of Hebrew), campers and counselors alike were able to translate classroom theoretical knowledge of grammar and vocabulary into real speech.

If there was a serious effort to implement the announced Jewish Agency world wide effort at Hebrew competence, it should start with funds to revive or re-establish or re-enforce Hebrew summer camping. Only the total immersion permitted by such an environment can be successful.

The lip service paid to the need for Hebrew language training and the puny support of such efforts as the Hebrew Language Council (of which I served as Chairman for three years), need to be converted to more fulsome efforts if the goal of having Americans relate to Israelis is to be realistic.

Larry Kobrin
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