Bibliography- Jewish Women

Recommended Titles – Books about Jewish Women

Abbreviation Guide
F — Fiction
NF — Non-fiction
ESR — Elementary school reader
MSR — Middle school reader
HSR — High school reader
AR — Adult reader
Buxbaum, Yitzhak. Jewish Tales of Holy Women. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002.
ISBN-10: 0787962716 See recommendation here.
Dombey, M. My Uncle the Netziv. Brooklyn: Mesorah Publications, 1988.
ISBN 0-89906-493-0 One chapter is relevant. See Lookjed recommendation here.
Feldbrand, S. From Sarah to Sarah. New York: L’Chaim Publications, 2005.
ISBN-10: 0976694611. See recommendation here.
Glukel. The Memoirs of Glueckel of Hameln. New York: Schocken, 1987.
ISBN-10: 0805205721. See recommendation here. NF HSR AR
Grunfeld, Judith. Shefford. Brooklyn: Soncino Press, 1980.
ISBN-10: 0900689552 Melnikoff, Pamela. See recommendation here.
Jacobs, Anita I. and Landau, Miriam K. Portraits in Passion: Vision and Values of American-Israeli Women. Portland, OR: First Books Library, 2002.
ISBN-10: 14033597920. See recommendation here. HSR
Jungreis, Esther. The Committed Life. San Francisco: Harper, 1999.
ISBN-10: 0060930853. See recommendation here.
Kranzler, David and Gervitz, Eliezer. To Save a World. Lakewood: CIS Publishers, 1991.
ISBN-10: 1560620897. See recommendation here.
Melnikoff, Pamela. Plots and Players. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 1996.
ISBN-10: 0827605285. See recommendation here. F ESR MSR
Melnikoff, Pamela. The Star and The Sword. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 2004.
ISBN-10: 0827605765. See recommendation here. F ESR MSR
Raphael, Chaim. Minyan: Ten Jewish Lives in Twenty Centuries of History. Malibu, CA: Pangloss Press, 1992.
ISBN-10: 09347102 See recommendation here.
Rubin, Devora. Daughters of Destiny: Women who revolutionized Jewish life and Torah Education. Brooklyn: Artscroll/Mesorah, 1998.
ISBN-10: 0899064957. See recommendation here.
Shteiner, Puah. Forever My Jerusalem. Nanuet, NY: Feldheim, 1987. NF MSR HSR
Slater, Elinor and Slater, Robert. Great Jewish Women. Middle Village, NY: Jonathan David Publishers, 2006.
ISBN-10: 0824603702. See recommendation here.
Starman-Hessel, Carolyn. Blessed is the Daughter. Rockville, MD: Shengold Books, 1999.
ISBN-10: 188756344X . See recommendation here.
Tabak, Marsi. And Rachel Was His Wife. Nanuet, NY: Feldheim, 1990.
See recommendation here. F MSR HSR
Taitz, Emily, Henry, Sondra, and Tallan, Cheryl. JPS Guide to Jewish Women. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 2003.
See recommendation here.
Waxman, Meyer and Ish-Kishor, Sulamith. Blessed is the Match. Shengold Publishers, 1959.
ASIN: B000NXRPQ6. See recommendation here.
Wexler, Shlomo. The Daughters Victorious. New York: Gefen Publishing House, 2001.
ISBN-10: 9652292559. See recommendation here.