Effective Curriculum Development: Rabbi Hirsch, Professor Hirsch, and Me

by: Steve Bailey

Over the past five years, I have had the unique privilege of creating a comprehensive, innovative model of Jewish Studies curricula at Sydney’s Moriah College. With 1800 students, it is the largest Jewish day school in the Southern hemisphere. The project included planning and implementing the content, sequence, and methodology in all areas of Jewish Studies curricula for middle school through high school, including student texts, assessments, teacher’s guides, staff training, and outcome research. I consider this opportunity a privilege, because I was contracted for a multi-year, on-site project with the freedom to “start from scratch” –- a rare opportunity in Jewish education. I want to share some of the overall guidelines that shaped this effective and successful project, in the hope that Jewish schools may find some of my experience valuable for creating, renewing or refreshing their Jewish Studies curricula.
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