Educational Web Resources

    Below is an annotated list of web resources for educators that are useful for building and designing WebQuests. If you know of any other similar sites, please forward them to and they will be added to this page.

    WebQuest Resources:


    a) The building blocks of a WebQuest

    b) Online Workshops for WebQuest Development

    Examples of WebQuests



    Online educational resources and lesson plans developed by educators

    a) A collection of educational resources for heterogeneous teaching in the day school developed and collected by the Lookstein Center staff and participants in Principals’ Seminar programs at the Lookstein Center.

    Search Engines

    a) Surf this site for general and valuable information on search engines and ‘how-to’ submit your site to search engines:

    b) Search the Invisible web (go to this page and choose Fine Tune, on the far right)

    c) Some classic search engines – a MetaSearch engine. A broad search suitable if you don’t have any idea of the category – a MetaSearch engine. – a MetaSearch engine. – a MetaSearch engine.

    d) Specialized search engines

    The Northern Light research engine uses classification intelligence and precision relevancy ranking to improve Web searching. They deliver results from the Web and from their Special Collection™ of over 7100 respected full-text publications not otherwise available to Web searchers. The engine then organizes the results into Custom Search Folders™, which are easier to view.

    e) Search the Usenet
    A good place to start, includes a how-to page

    Some popular Usenet groups and searches

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