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By the Sweat of Your Brow: Approaching Kashrut from a Pluralistic Perspective

Approaching Kashrut from a Pluralistic Perspective.   Click here. Read more
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Knowledge and Attitudes of Post High School Jewish-American Orthodox Students in Israel

This article describes an empirical research that was conducted among a random sample of yeshiva/seminary students, in order to determine the basic knowledge level of... Read more

A Test of Jewish Literacy

Preamble Several years ago the editors of Generation Magazine, an excellent but now-defunct journal produced by young Australian Jewish academics and writers, asked a... Read more
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Articles about Yom Ha'atzmaut from the AVI CHAI Bookshelf

The following four articles have been “Reprinted with permission of the AVI CHAI Bookshelf, where birthright Israel alumni can order free books and... Read more
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Yom Ha'atzmaut Resources

Some of the many Yom Ha’atzmaut Resources on Instructional Materials 1) Yom Ha’atzmaut – A lesson plan for high school grades. Students examine Biblical and... Read more
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Teaching Hebrew: A Suggestion for Hebrew Educators

From Religious Education 92,1 (1997), pp. 55-60.   Abstract Teacher-training programs for Jewish educators in the United States have de-emphasized the Hebrew language as... Read more
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Moral Education in the Guise of a Physical Education Program

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at 5, 1, 1990, pp. 37- 38. Reprinted here with permission. Children play in their work.1 In planning... Read more