"With Your Permission": Zimmun in Cyber-Halakha

by: Joel B. Wolowelsky

Dr. Joel B. Wolowelsky discusses the role of technology on Halakha, in the context of women’s ability to participate in a zimmun in this Tradition article.


In my introduction to Women and the Study of Torah, I wrote: “I wish also to express a personal hakkarat ha-tov to Rabbi Walter Wurzburger, Editor Emeritus of Tradition. It was close to three decades ago that he invited me, then a young person first entering the field of Jewish education, to join the editorial board of Tradition, an invitation which eventually led to my becoming anassociate editor of the journal. His confidence in me then constantly reminds me now to actively involve and empower young people in all areas of community service. I hope that I and all others with whom he comes into contact will continue to benefit from his personal integrity, wide-ranging scholarship, and insightful wisdom for many years to come.”

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