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Shavuot Resources

Lesson Plans:

Shavuot: The Shnei Luchot HaBrit [1] – The Torah teaches us that the Ten Commandments were on two tablets (LuchotHaBrit). The Midrash offers two opinions as to what was written on each tablet. In this lesson, we will examine and try to understand why the tablets may have been split up in this manner.

Shavuot Customs in Words and Pictures [2]

Bikkurim Source Sheet [3]

Ten Commandments – Old and New [4]

Study of Historical Source: Shavuot Prayers, 1450 [5]

Water – Can’t Live Without It [6]

Chag HaBikkurim (Festival of the First Fruits) [7]

Primary Sources:


Shavuot Prayers, Rome Machzor, 1450 [8]

Shavuot Poster, 1976 [9]

Shavuot in Cyprus, 1940’s [10]

Girls Dancing in Shavuot Ceremony, Tel Aviv, 1970 [11]

Children Participating in a Play at a Shavuot Celebration, Tel Aviv, 1970 [12]


Bringing Bikkurim to Jerusalem, 1730 [13]

Bikkurim Celebration, 20th Century [14]

Bikkurim Ceremony, 1940 [15]

Bikkurim, JNF Poster [16]

Bikkurim from the Children of the Diaspora, Olami HaKatan, 1936 [17]

Shavuot Celebration, Kibbutz Hazorea, 1953 [18]

Eating Dairy Foods

Tnuva Cheeses [19]

Tnuva Cheese Advertisement [20]

Osem Cheesecake and Menu for Shavuot [21]

Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Tikkun for Shavuot Night, 1680 [22]

Tikkun Leil Shavuot, 1972 [23]

Why Do the Pious Stay Up All Night? 1963 [24]

Other Customs

Naomi and Ruth, Postcard, 1870 [25]

Das Wochen-oder Pfingst- Fest, Pentacost-Shavuot [26] (Decorating with Greenery)

Postcard of Shavuot, Germany, Nineteenth Century [27] (Decorating with Greenery)

Confirmations Highlight Shabuoth, 1977 [28]

Shavuoth – A Bountiful Harvest, B’nai Brith Messenger, May 24, 1974 [29] (Foods, Book of Ruth)

Ladder Cake on Shavuot, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1980’s [30]

Other Resources

The complete toolkit for Shavuot [31], By Jewish Interactive – Contains innovative and engaging resources for teaching this festival to children. The toolkit includes: *How to use tech resources to teach the festival *An overview of what this festival is and how we celebrate it *The best educational games to teach Shavuot *How to create your own material to make this magical festival come to life. Also available in French [32] and Hebrew [33].

Shavuot [34], By the Israeli Ministry of Education – Activities for Shavuot. The activities include: videos, digital activities, games and more.

Shavuot Lesson & Programming Ideas [35], By the Jewish Agency for Israel

Educational Resources for Shavuot [36] – Collection of Shavuot lesson plans and activities.

Shavuot Social Story [37], By JTeach.org – A social story is read to or with students to give them an idea of both the holiday and what to expect. Making events predictable helps students who are challenged in new situations. This social story introduces basic concepts regarding Shavuot.

Shavuot Activities for Kids [38], By myjewishlearning.com – Here are a number of ways that we can connect our children and students to the special holiday of Shavuot.