Kavvana Sources

Nov 20, 2008

Kavvana: Directing the Heart in Jewish Prayer was published by Jason Aronson in the summer of 5757 (1997), 604 pages. Jason Aronson is now an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
More information on the book can be found at my webpage.
This page provides links for downloading pages with most of the mekorot (sources) used in the book’s 12 chapters. They can be the basis for a series of Torah lectures, study groups, or private learning. The pages found here are scanned images (PDF) of all the old “cut-and-paste” source-sheets that I created when first teaching the topic, and which eventually became the basis for my book. Please feel free to download them and use them for teaching or personal Torah study.
In the future I hope to make the full range of sources used in the book (and even more) available as digital text (i.e. in typed form rather than scanned images). Look for updates at my webpage; the texts there will be added to and improved from time-to-time, but it may take years until they are complete. As of now (spring 5768) the digital texts contain only a small, unedited fraction of what appears in the PDF scans.
In the meantime, the current PDF files (listed below) are rather heavy, but none of them runs more than 10M for roughly ten scanned pages. They contain the vast majority of mekorot analyzed in my book and even more.
List of the Kavvana Source-Sheets:
Kavvana-Mekorot-Syllabus (syllabus is preceeded by an explanatory letter)
PART ONE: Kavvana for Prayer in Jewish Law (chapters 1-2 of the book)
Kavvana-Mekorot-I-A = Title-page + Pages 1-8
Kavvana-Mekorot-I-B = Pages 9-16
PART TWO: Kavvana for Prayer in Jewish Thought (chapters 3-7 of the book)
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-A = Pages 1-10 (includes title page)
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-B = Pages 11-19
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-C = Pages 20-24
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-D = Pages 25-30
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-E = Pages 31-38
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-F = Pages 39-46
Kavvana-Mekorot-II-G = Pages 47-53
PART THREE: Kavvana and the Siddur (chapters 8-11 of the book)
Kavvana-Mekorot-III-A = Pages 1-7 (includes title page)
Kavvana-Mekorot-III-B = Pages 8-16
Kavvana-Mekorot-III-C = Pages 17-23
PART FOUR: Kavvana in Practice (chapter 12 of the book)
Kavvana-Mekorot-IV-A = Pages 1-8 (includes title page)
Kavvana-Mekorot-IV-B = Pages 9-10
For further information on the book, please see my
A Table of Contents may be found here
I would be happy to get feedback and ideas about the sources, the book, and the topic in general via e-mail.
Seth (Avi) Kadish
26 Nisan 5768 (11 la-omer, Yom ha-Shoah)
The mekorot sheets available here may be used, distributed, and modified freely according to the terms of a “copy-left” license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/