Teaching Talmud Resources

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Talmud Teaching Tools

Habits of Mind for Gemara by Tzvi Pittinsky

Hadrat Melech: Biographical Notes – Rabbanim of the Period of the Rishonim and Achronim with Indexes by Shlmo Pereira

Talmud Bavli Frequency Word List by Tzvika Kanarek

Talmud Lesson Plans & Activity Descriptions

A Mock Beit Din: An Interactive Assessment for Sugyot in Nezikin by Ira S. Kosowsky

An Introduction to Talmud Study: A Webquest Integrating the Daf Layout with the Historical Development of the Talmud by Naphtali Hoff

Gambling and Halakha (Sanhedrin 24b) by Aharon Frazer

Researching the Development of Torah She Be’al Peh by Zvi Grumet

Talmud Articles and Research

Gemara Instruction in Yeshiva High Schools by R. Aharon Lichtenstein

Hermeneutics and Values: Issues in Improving Contemporary Talmud Teaching by Avraham Walfish

Implications of Academic Approaches to the Study of the Babylonian Talmud for the Beliefs and Religious Attitudes of the Student by Pinchas Hayman

Issues in Talmud Curricular Development by Moshe J. Yeres

Learning Talmud from Within: An Interview with Menahem Kahane

Methodology and Method in the Teaching of Tannaitic Literature by Pinchas Hayman

Motivational Issues in the Study of Gemara Among American High School Senior Boys by Aaron S. Ross

On the Teaching of Talmud: Toward a Methodological Basis for a Curriculum in Oral-Tradition Studies by Pinchas Hayman

Orality and Textuality: A Historical Perspective by Zvi Grumet

“So What?!”: Talmud Study Through Values Analysis by Scot A. Berman

Talmud Now by Moshe Meir, Channa Amit and Kalman Neuman (trans. by Rachel Schloss)

Teaching from Within, Teaching from Without: The Problem of Unshared Assumptions in the High School Gemara Class by Eliezer Diamond

Teaching Talmud with Cognitive Maps in the Religious Public School by Tzvika Kanarek

The Obligation of Talmud on Women According to Maimonides by Warren Zev Harvey

Talmud Multimedia

An Interview with R. Haim Perlmutter by Mark Smilowitz

Talmud Listservs

Shaqla VeTarya

Talmud Websites & External Tools

Alphabetical Index of Talmudic Topics (English) by WebShas

Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud and Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow

English Translation of Babylonian Talmud by Soncino (PDFs)

Ma’agar Sifrut Kodesh (Talmud Bavli) by Snunit K12 (can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Rabbinic Literature Genre Map by Jeffrey Spitzer for Gann Academy

Talmud Bavli by Mechon Mamre (can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Talmud Bavli by HebrewBooks.org (PDF of original format & text – can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Talmud Image Map by Eliezer Segal

Rabbi Pittinsky’s 9T2 Gemara Page by Tzvi Pittinsky

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