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Teaching Talmud Resources

Are we missing a Talmud teaching resource? To submit materials, please contact [1]us.

Talmud Teaching Tools

Habits of Mind for Gemara [2] by Tzvi Pittinsky

Hadrat Melech: Biographical Notes – Rabbanim of the Period of the Rishonim and Achronim with Indexes [3] by Shlmo Pereira

Talmud Bavli Frequency Word List [4] by Tzvika Kanarek

Talmud Lesson Plans & Activity Descriptions

A Mock Beit Din: An Interactive Assessment for Sugyot in Nezikin [5] by Ira S. Kosowsky

An Introduction to Talmud Study: A Webquest Integrating the Daf Layout with the Historical Development of the Talmud [6] by Naphtali Hoff

Gambling and Halakha [7] (Sanhedrin 24b) by Aharon Frazer

Researching the Development of Torah She Be’al Peh [8] by Zvi Grumet

Talmud Articles and Research

Gemara Instruction in Yeshiva High Schools [9] by R. Aharon Lichtenstein

Hermeneutics and Values: Issues in Improving Contemporary Talmud Teaching [10] by Avraham Walfish

Implications of Academic Approaches to the Study of the Babylonian Talmud for the Beliefs and Religious Attitudes of the Student [11] by Pinchas Hayman

Issues in Talmud Curricular Development [12] by Moshe J. Yeres

Learning Talmud from Within: An Interview with Menahem Kahane [13]

Methodology and Method in the Teaching of Tannaitic Literature [14] by Pinchas Hayman

Motivational Issues in the Study of Gemara Among American High School Senior Boys [15] by Aaron S. Ross

On the Teaching of Talmud: Toward a Methodological Basis for a Curriculum in Oral-Tradition Studies [16] by Pinchas Hayman

Orality and Textuality: A Historical Perspective [17] by Zvi Grumet

“So What?!”: Talmud Study Through Values Analysis [18] by Scot A. Berman

Talmud Now [19] by Moshe Meir, Channa Amit and Kalman Neuman (trans. by Rachel Schloss)

Teaching from Within, Teaching from Without: The Problem of Unshared Assumptions in the High School Gemara Class [20] by Eliezer Diamond

Teaching Talmud with Cognitive Maps in the Religious Public School [21] by Tzvika Kanarek

The Obligation of Talmud on Women According to Maimonides [22] by Warren Zev Harvey

Talmud Multimedia

An Interview with R. Haim Perlmutter [23] by Mark Smilowitz

Talmud Listservs

Shaqla VeTarya [24]

Talmud Websites & External Tools

Alphabetical Index of Talmudic Topics [25] (English) by WebShas

Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud and Midrashic Literature [26] by Marcus Jastrow

English Translation of Babylonian Talmud [27] by Soncino (PDFs)

Ma’agar Sifrut Kodesh (Talmud Bavli) [28] by Snunit K12 (can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Rabbinic Literature Genre Map [29] by Jeffrey Spitzer for Gann Academy

Talmud Bavli by Mechon Mamre [30] (can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Talmud Bavli [31] by HebrewBooks.org (PDF of original format & text – can search, copy/cut, etc.)

Talmud Image Map [32] by Eliezer Segal

Rabbi Pittinsky’s 9T2 Gemara Page [33] by Tzvi Pittinsky