Tisha B’av Resources

Tisha B’Av Resources and Activities: The Lookstein Center’s Tisha B’av pages include everything you need to know about Tisha B’av including background information for the educator, vocabulary, educational themes, sample activities, and a kinnot guide.

Night of the Murdered Poets Commemorative Program is one of many lessons and activities listed in the “1977 Soviet Jewry Camp Kit”. This commemorative program is a memorial to those killed on what is now called The Night of the Murdered Poets. The program, a narrative containing some of the poetry that survived that night, is particularly appropriate for programs tied in with Tisha B’Av. This lesson is available on the Refusenik Project.

TJJ Tisha B’Av Guide: This guide provides resources, articles, videos, activities, and Jewish law as an advisor’s guide for Tisha B’av education.

Tisha B’av and The Three Weeks Collection: NCSY collection of text-based learning sessions, infographics, and videos relating to Tisha B’av and The Three Weeks.

Three Weeks: Collection of Torah studies and lesson plans and activities by Canfei Nesharim. These lessons connect the Three Weeks to our relationship with the planet.

Ji Tap Tisha B’Av: In this playlist, children play Tisha B’Av interactive games, and learn about the Jewish fast day-Tisha B’Av.

Ji Tap Tisha B’av eBook: A complete toolkit for Tisha B’av which contains innovative and engaging resources for teaching about Tisha B’av to children. The toolkit includes: How to use tech resources to teach the festival, an overview of what this festival is the ways in which we commemorate it, the best educational games to teach Tisha B’av correctly and how to create your own material to make this day meaningful. Available in English, Hebrew or French.

Tisha B’Av Resources: Collection of worksheets, activities, and resources by Chinuch.org.

Three Great Ideas for a Tisha B’Av Program for Kids: At a summer camp or day camp and need ideas for Tisha B’Av? Here are a few ideas from Rabbi Daniel Brenner, by http://tishabav.blogspot.com.