Tu B’Shvat

    Tu B’shvat, Tu Bishvat or Tu Beshevat – however, you spell it, it’s the Jewish New Year for Trees. Below

    find a list of Tu B’shvat lesson plans, articles and printable seders.
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    Tu B’shvat Seders

    An Introduction to the Tu B’shvat Seder by David Jay Derovan
    Background information on the evolution of the Tu B’shvat seder plus an oultine of a typical seder.

    Tu B’shvat Seder by David Jay Derovan
    A printable seder for classroom use including appropriate blessings and citations.

    Seeds of Hope: A Babaganewz Seder for Tu B’shevat
    A printable seder for classroom use with a focus on Zionism.

    Tu Bishvat 2005 by Shlomit Blum
    This study guide links Tu Bishvat to the environment by studying one culture’s appreciation of the Banian tree.

    A Tu B’Shvat Seder by the Religious Action Center
    Easy to follow with discussion points

    A Tu B’Shvat Hagaddah by the COEJL
    With an introduction about Tu B’Shvat

    Tu B’Shevat Ice Cream Seder by Chava Gal-Or
    An innovative twist on the Tu B’Shevat seder by integrating it with the “International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.”

    Tu B’Shvat Seder for Very Young Children by The Lookstein Center
    A short Tu B’shvat seder designed for three to five year olds. Can be adapted for younger grades.

    TREE Source Tu B’Shvat Seders and Resources by The JNF
    A collection of seders, activities, and sermons for Tu B’Shvat submitted by schools and synagogues.

    Tu B’shvat Activities and Lessons

    Tu B’Shvat Classroom Activities by The Lookstein Center
    Creative ideas on how to celebrate Tu B’shvat in your classroom or school.

    A Grade 3 Tu B’Shvat lesson – from the Lookstein Center’s Israel Curriculum. The lesson tells the story of Herzl’s Tree and Choni HaMeagel’s tree and discusses the message that each story teaches.

    Aryevut Make A Difference Day & JNF GoNeutral Shabbat Education Resource Guide – Preserving the Environment
    A series of discussion guides and activity outlines focusing on preserving the environment.

    Online scavenger hunt lesson for Tu B’shvat – grades 3-6
    Students search websites to learn about Tu B’shvat customs and history.

    Social Action and Responsibility: Taking Care of Our Planet by Marc Rosenberg – grades 7-12
    Part of a larger unit, this lesson demonstrates the Jewish textual obligation to take care of the planet and its creatures.

    Shivat HaMinim Lesson Plan by Babaganewz – grades 4-7
    Students study texts about the symbolism of shivat haminim and think about which one they most identify with.

    Shivat Haminim Lesson Plan by Seth Goldsweig and Tammie Rapps

    An At home Lesson by Ahron Rosenthal, Yeshiva Har Torah – A video lesson for students to enjoy on their own at home


    The Jewish Earth Day by Candace Nachman

    What a Beautiful Tree by Elli Fischer

    Jewish Environmental Websites – many of these also have Tu B’Shvat resources

    Canfei Nesharim
    This environmentalist organization’s website includes Torah-based articles and lesson plans.

    Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)
    This program bank contains educational programs about Judaism and the environment.

    Hazon works to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community.

    Jewish environmental collaborative resource using social network practices.

    Jewish National Fund
    JNF has a variety of activities and games for Tu B’shvat. Suitable for early elementary grades.

    Teva Learning Center: Jewish Environmental Education Institute
    This organization offers a variety of seminars and hands-on programs for students about Judaism and the environment.

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