Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Collective Punishment

by: Mark Smilowitz

Collective Punishment – 023 – Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the source of a problem and there is a temptation to mete out consequences to the whole group when only a few students are responsible. There is much to learn about this situation from the Biblical story of King David and Avigayil.
16 minutes

About Mark Smilowitz
Mark Smilowitz taught Judaic studies in middle school and high school levels for 12 years. Unsatisfied with the available options for professional growth, Mark sought a personal mentor. Mark emerged from his weekly sessions with his mentor with powerful new insights and ideas about teaching that he immediately implemented with profound impact on his students, not to mention great personal satisfaction. When Mark moved to Israel in 2005, he found that his his new teaching tools worked just as well with children on the other side of the globe. This podcast is Mark’s attempt to share what he learned so that teachers – beginners and veterans – can find personal satisfaction in their profession.