Websites for Educators

  • Submitted on November 29, 2010

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

American Jewish Archives (Online Exhibits)

American Jewish Historical Society (Online Exhibits)

Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Online Exhibit)

Areyvut – Enhancing Jewish Education with Jewish Values

Association of Jewish Book Publishers Site

Beth Hatefutsoth/Museum of the Jewish Diaspora – Online Exhibits

Canfei Nesharim – Orthodox Environmentalist Organization

Center for Jewish History – Online Exhibitions

Center for Online Judaic Studies

Children in the Ghetto by Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web-Based Learning

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life – Educational Resources

Da’at: Israeli Ministry of Education Website

Eliezer Segal’s Home Page

Professional website of Professor Eliezer Segal. Includes interactive maps of central Jewish texts like the Talmud.

Haftorahman – Weekly Haftorah Resource Sheet by Reuben Ebrahimoff

Haftorahman contains short attractive resource sheets(2-3 pages) for each Haftorah (including holidays and fast days). Each resource sheet includes the storyline of the Haftorah, the connection of the Haftorah to the Parasha, the biography of the prophet and a lesson of the week. The sheets also contain photos of archeological sites, maps and timelines. The sheets can be printed up and distributed to students.

Halacha Yomit Web Site

The Halacha Yomit Program is in use in over 40 schools around the world. The program provides weekly sheets, with a halacha for every school day, set up based upon your school calendar.

Hebrew Songs Database

Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

The Holocaust Teacher Resource Center web site offers lesson plans and related materials that educators can use directly in the classroom. Included on the site are materials from Yad Vashem, AMCHA, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

J.E.L.E.D. – Jewish European Learning Experience Dot.Net

Jewish HomeSchoolers Group (Site and e-group)

Jewish Literacy Project (portal)

JNF’s Education Department

Kotel Website

League of Jewish Observant Homeschoolers

Lookstein Center – Russian language website

Lookstein Center – Spanish language website

Matan Website

Mofet JTEC Online – Jewish Portal of Teacher Education

Museum of Tolerance – Teacher Resources

Nechama Leibowitz Site (in Hebrew)

Nurit Reshef’s Homepage

P’til Tekhelet – The Association for the Promotion and Distribution of Tekhelet

Passover Through Archeology and Rare Documents: A Teaching Site


Simon Wiesenthal Online Multimedia Learning Center


Teaching Rabbinic Literature: Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy (videos of presentations) by Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education

Video presentations from a conference at Brandeis University bringing together academics and educators from across the denominational spectrum. Fifty topics were covered, including include “A Systematic Approach to Teaching the Laws of Holidays”, “Teaching Halakha and Respecting Student Autonomy” and “Enacting the Mishnah: Teaching Skills and Ethics in a Middle School Classroom”.

Teva Learning Center: Jewish Environmental Education Institute

The Gallery of Our Great – Biographies (

The Jerusalem Archeological Park Site

The site includes a timeline about the Jerusalem Archeological Park area: Temple Mount, Mount of Olives, Kidron Valley, and the Valley of Hinnom. The site includes biographies of historical personalities, photographs, a timeline, a glossary, and a bilbiography.

The Jewish History Resource Center

Resources and links relevant to research and the study of Jewish History. 1000’s of links to sites on the web organized in over 30 categories. A search engine helps find the information you are looking for. Primary and secondary sources.

The Living Torah Museum

The Living Torah Museum website provides images and explanations of authentic ancient artifacts from the Biblical, Mishnaic, and Talmudic periods. Online exhibits include “Torah Times”, “39 Melahos”, “Great Torah Personalities” and “Mishna/Talmud Times”. Worth taking your class on the virtual tour.

The Orthodox Union

The Temple Institute

This website includes descriptions and pictures of the Temple vessels and the holiday sacrifices and celebrations in the Temple.

The Website of the Chief Rabbi

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – Teaching about the Holocaust (Educational Resources)

Wiki for Librarians in Jewish High Schools

Yad Vashem


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