Yom Ha'atzmaut Resources

Some of the many Yom Ha’atzmaut Resources on www.lookstein.org

Instructional Materials

1) Yom Ha’atzmaut – A lesson plan for high school grades. Students examine Biblical and Talmudic texts that imply that the modern settlement of the Land of Israel and the establishment of the State of Israel were part of a Divinely ordained plan to begin the redemption of the Jewish people.  Available in HTML –https://www.lookstein.org/resource/lessonplans/yomhaatzmaut.htm OR PDF – https://www.lookstein.org/resource/lessonplans/yomhaatzmaut.pdf

2) Aliya – A short web-enhanced lesson for junior high school. Students consider whether or not they would like to settle in Israel, and if so where. See https://www.lookstein.org/webquests/aliya.htm

3) November 29 – A short web-enhanced lesson for junior high school. Students examine online resources to examine the events that led to the historic UN decision of November 29,1947. See https://www.lookstein.org/webquests/nov29.htm

Programming Ideas

1) Programming Ideas for Yom Ha’atzma’ut by David Tesler for The AVI CHAI Foundation. See https://www.lookstein.org/resource/independence_avichai.htm

2) Practical suggestions for activities and programs that schools have implemented in reaction to the situation in Israel. See  https://www.lookstein.org/links/respons1.htm

3) Practical Suggestions for Activities and Programs to Aid Students’ Identification with Israel. See https://www.lookstein.org/professional-dev/practical-suggestions-activities-programs-aid-students-identification-israel/

4) The following article is a collection of readings in Hebrew that are appropriate to be read during a Yom Ha’atzmaut Seuda.  See https://www.lookstein.org/professional-dev/readings-yom-haatzmaut-seuda/

5) Israel Throughout the Year is a spiraled Israel Studies curriculum developed by The Lookstein Center for students in grades 1-8. It includes four units per year structured around the days of Asara BeTevet, Tu BiShvat, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, and Yom Yerushalayim. See https://www.lookstein.org/israel-throughout-the-year/

6) Israel Independence Day, by The Israeli Ministry of Education: Includes activities, lesson plans, projects, songs and more! See https://pop.education.gov.il/tchumey_daat/english/yesodi/study_topics/israel-independence-day/

7) Israel Independence Day – Yom Ha’atzma’ut, by The Jewish Agency: Includes special Israel resources, Israel: best of the web, Yom Ha’atzmaut activity ideas, Israel & Zionism features and more! See http://www.jewishagency.org/independence-day/content/23811

Articles of Interest

1) State and Religion by Yeshiyahu Leibowitz. See https://www.lookstein.org/resource/stateandreligion.htm

2) Israel Independence Day and the Halakha by Rabbi Dr. Meyer Karlin. See  https://www.lookstein.org/resource/israelindependence.htm

3) Fate, Destiny and Shivat Tzioyon: The RAV on Religious Zionism by Dr. Moshe Sokolow. See https://www.lookstein.org/resource/ravandreligiouszionism.htm

4) Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut by Marvin S. Antelman and Meyer Karlin. See https://www.lookstein.org/resource/hallelonyomhaatzmaut.htm

5) The Torah of Israel and the State by Yehuda Gershuni. See https://www.lookstein.org/resource/torahandstate.htm