Caring for Our Students & Ourselves

Caring for Our Students & Ourselves in the Face of Antisemitism


American antisemitism has been on the rise over the past few years more than ever before in our lifetimes. And still, the boiling point that we have reached since October 7th, the antisemitism that the Jewish community is experiencing around the world, is nothing that we could have imagined. As Jewish educators, we must deal with our own shock, fear, anger, and uncertainty, and we need to help our students feel safe and supported, to make sure they have some tools to rely upon.

Join The Lookstein Center for the following three important sessions created to help Jewish educators understand, cope with, and respond to the effects of antisemitism—in their own lives and with their students.

The following sessions may be taken à la carte. The Lookstein Center is offering this series for a suggested fee of $18/session.


Session 1: Maintaining Our Center
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  • A brief overview of mindfulness practice
  • Processing internal responses to current events
  • Learning and implementing coping skills & healthy media consumption
  • Understanding and processing our identities (Jewish and other)

Session 2: Critical Consumption of Media
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  • A brief history of antisemitic tropes
  • Learning to look critically at media sources
  • Understanding the connection between anti-Zionism and antisemitism
  • Differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate criticism of Israel

Session 3: Arming Ourselves with Jewish Identity and Pride
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  • Understanding how antisemitism is affecting our communities and classrooms
  • Exploring the relationship between Jewish pride, Jewish identity, and antisemitism
  • Instilling Jewish pride in our students

Note: Some elements from these sessions have been presented in The Lookstein Center’s Confronting Antisemitism: Empowering Our Students & Ourselves. Please write to us at for more information.


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There are no sessions currently scheduled. Please check back periodically or write to for more information.

Series Facilitators:

This series is facilitated by members of The Lookstein Center staff.

Hyim Brandes

Hyim Brandes

Director of Technology

Hyim Brandes has worked at the intersection of Jewish education and technology for more than two decades spearheading projects and initiatives focusing on student personalization and 21st century learning. Hyim studied Jewish History at U.C. Berkeley, spent three years studying at Pardes, and was a Joshua Venture Group Fellow. At The Lookstein Center, Hyim serves as the Director of Technology, where in addition to being responsible for all things ed tech, he creates and facilitates trainings and professional development programs in history, combatting antisemitism, and 21st century learning. 
Naomi Schrager

Naomi Schrager

Director of Education, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Naomi Schrager is a veteran Jewish educator with more than two decades of experience teaching, creating curricula and informal education programming, and serving as a school administrator. Naomi completed Yeshiva University's Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies while pursuing her Master's degree at Azrieli Graduate School of Education. She currently serves as The Director of Education for Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, where she oversees The Lookstein Center’s online school for Jewish studies and has designed and facilitated dozens of professional development trainings to hundreds of educators around the world.

Shani Sicherman

Shani Sicherman

Digital Content Manager

For more than a decade, Shani Sicherman has been teaching in a range of settings, creating engaging content, and training educators. She holds a BA in Special Education and Jewish History as well as a Teaching Certificate from Bar-Ilan University. Shani creates, curates, and manages the educational content on The Lookstein Center's website and social media channels, designs digital curricular materials for the Center's online school, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, and runs varied PD trainings.