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Curriculum Development Programs

The Lookstein Center has been partnering with PaJeS (Partnerships for Jewish Schools) to develop Jewish Studies curriculum for elementary schools in the UK. This work, which began almost twenty years ago, has resulted in the production of a comprehensive chumash curriculum for grades 3-6. This is being used by about 30 Jewish schools in the UK, 5 in Australia and another two in South Africa.

This curriculum is founded on a skills–based approach to the study of chumash with the development of 14 units of study covering the main stories of Sefer Bereshit and the beginning of Shemot. The curriculum is supported by an internet site which contains on-line resources and interactive activities.

The Lookstein Center has also been partnering with PaJeS for an on-line tefillah resource for elementary Jewish day schools. This resource covers the main tefillot that are recited in tefillah services in schools. Each tefillah has a key-word activity, associated slide shows, animations, and stories. The tefillah resource is being used by Jewish schools in the UK, Australia and South Africa.

Professional Development Programs for Jewish Studies Teachers

The Lookstein Center supports Jewish Studies teachers in a wide range of areas. Lookstein faculty members regularly participate in chumash and tefillah training seminars held in London and Manchester.

Bar-Ilan Certificate Program

The Lookstein Center is developing a partnership with Jewish high schools in the UK in which grade 10 Jewish studies curriculum will be certified by Bar-Ilan University. The aim is to raise the academic standards of high school Jewish Studies curriculum in these schools. The Lookstein Center will also be involved in assessing student assignments to ensure that standards set are monitored in a rigorous way. The goal is to expand this program to include certification for Jewish students learning in non-Jewish schools particularly in the regions where there are no Jewish high schools.


Curriculum Development Program in Moriah College Sydney

In January 2014 The Lookstein Center was commissioned by Moriah College in Sydney to write a comprehensive Jewish Studies curriculum for the elementary and high schools.

As of January 2017, the curriculum for Years 4-6 in elementary school and Years 7-8 in the high school have been completed. The curriculum includes on line assessments and the program is being evaluated on an ongoing basis.

As part of the curriculum development process, teachers meet regularly with Lookstein Center faculty by skype and annual visits take place on the Moriah campus to monitor implementation and deliver professional development sessions

Beit Rivka and Yeshiva College, Melbourne

The College has approached the Lookstein Center to provide them with an Ivrit curriculum for years 4-6. This project is planned to begin in March 2017.

South Africa:

The Lookstein Center is partnering with the Teacher Training Academy of Johannesburg to provide a teacher training program for local Jewish Studies teachers. The Lookstein Center provides academic supervision and support to ensure the quality of the program. Lookstein Center faculty visit the schools on an annual basis to monitor the program and provide professional development support.

For more information contact Eli Kohn.

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